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The Global Strategic Platform (GSP) is a non-profit organization based in California and created by a group of academics and practitioners who came together virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This global pandemic has arrived at a time of economic and geopolitical uncertainties in the development paths of many nation-states. In addition to triggering public health crises, the pandemic also exposed various social, financial, technological and other weaknesses.

The main objective of this platform is to foster analytical dialogue between experts on critically important themes through virtual conferences. The main target audience includes academics, researchers, government officials, military officers, businesspeople, journalists, civil society organizations, embassies, and multinational companies. Although the conferences are transmitted live, they are also made available on social networks to bring the discussion to a wide audience. The platform also publishes written conference reports.

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GSP is planning to attain the following objectives in 2021


Organize a monthly Africa Sessions webinar on defense and security, economics and development, democracy and governance, energy, health systems and China in Africa;


Reach 1,000 registered subscribers for GSP´s Newsletter and an average of 100 participants per session with representation from around the world;


Release 12 conference reports in English and Portuguese;


Reach 10,000 viewers in YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn;


Increase the number the of institutional and media partners from Africa, USA, Europe and Asia;


Increase the number of partners and sponsors.


GSP’s impact will be measure by its ability to:

  • Contribute towards the development of better strategies and public policies aimed at solving pressing problems and challenges affecting countries around the world;
  • Empower national leaders to find better avenues to promote political and economic cooperation;
  • Better inform decision-makers about investments risks and opportunities;
  • Help researchers gain deeper understanding on specific topics of interest;
  • Serve as a virtual gathering place for journalists and civil society organizations.

Value Proposition

There are 5 essential vectors for the execution of the value proposal, which impact the organizations.

quality of the panel members

requiring choices based their background and high quality research

sophistication of communication and technology infrastructures

requiring modern and tools, along with the use of new communication and information technologies

excellence in the service provided

requiring a proactive commercial team in raising and a structure centered on the functioning of the webinars

connection to the academia; government; civil society; media and business world

via a forum for the exchange of experiences, capitalizing on a network of contacts and a sphere of influence

flexibility and adjustment to specific requirements

with an active coordination role in the conception, design and assembly of each webinar

“The future depends on what you do today.”





Assis Malaquias


Shrikesh Laxmidas


Salim Valimamade


Joel Costa


 Luis Bernardino

The Board of Directors is chaired by the President of the GSP. The Board is assisted by multidisciplinary team responsible for the implementation of strategy and the business plan developed by the Board. The support team also assists the Board in developing connections with governments, the business community, academia, NGOs and other key stakeholders around the world.


Administrative Director

Victor Lima

Communication and IT

Commercial and Finance

Human Resources

The administration unit supports the executive members and reports to the Board. It provides support in three critical areas – Communications and IT, Commercial Relations and Finance, and Human Resources – to respond with agility and flexibility.


Strategic Council

The Strategic Council provides advisory support for the development of the Platform’s strategy and implementation plans as well as assisting in establishing links with governments, business, academia, and other key stakeholders. It meets once a year.


Sponsors Club

The Sponsors include a group of companies that provide financial support to the Platform.


Africa Sessions

Africa Sessions is a cycle of online video conferences that brings together analysts, academics and journalists to discuss crucial themes on economic and geopolitical themes that affect African nations.

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